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Courses Offered

Life Saving Instruction offers a variety of instructional courses that will aid medical professionals, first responders, and anyone looking to develop life saving or mechanical pool operation skills.


Lifeguarding is more than just a summer job. Learn what it takes to become a professional rescuer and make a difference.


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Pool Operator

Whether you are responsible for the mechanical operation of an aquatic facility or want to enhance your knowledge for your pool, a Pool Operator course will provide you with the knowledge to keep your pool running.

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A cardiac or respiratory emergency could arise at any second. Prepare yourself so you are not left wondering what to do.

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If you are a medical professional or first responder, a CPR/AED Pro. certification is necessary to perform your duty. Prepare yourself for your career and stay updated.

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First Aid

Not sure how to handle a medical emergency? A first aid course will give you the confidence to aid in life threatening and non-life threatening situations.

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Wilderness First Aid

Spending time with nature is something many of us enjoy. For some it is even a career. Make sure you are prepared to aid in a medical emergency when calling 911 is not an option.

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Emergency Medical Response

Prepare yourself for any medical emergency with an Emergency Medical Response certification. Learn and practice skills similar to what EMTs do so you can act with confidence. 

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Emergency Oxygen

Cardiac and respiratory emergencies are life threatening conditions. With the aid of emergency oxygen, chances of survival and normal outcome greatly increases.

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Bloodborne Pathogens

Annual bloodborne pathogens training is an OSHA requirement for any business that has the potential to be exposed to bodily fluids. Ensure your business is safe and meeting local protocols.

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Basic Water Rescue

If you spend time on the water or your facility has water features; understanding what to do in an aquatic emergency is a necessity.

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