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In Private Lessons, the participant has the ability to
develop their swimming skills at a faster rate due to the customization of the lesson. Private lessons provide a one-to-one instructor ratio. Each lesson is designed to meet the specific needs of the participant, which allows for greater self-direction and increased engagement.

In Semi-Private Lessons, participants have the ability to develop skills with a partner. Semi-private lessons provide a two-to-one instructor ratio. Semi-private lessons have all the same advantages of a private lesson; however, instruction time is shared between two individuals of like swimming ability. It is required the parent seeking this course, provides the second participant. 

Lessons are provided for 30 minutes, once a week for six weeks. MUST BE AT LEAST 3 YEARS OF AGE.

Private lessons $216.00/ 6 week session

Semi-private lessons $137.00 per child/6 week session; must book with swim lesson coordinator. Email

Swimming Lessons
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